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Every Friday, the smARTS program brings local artists into the classroom to work on various arts projects with the students. smARTS is currently seeking classroom assistants. Please consider volunteering!



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Red Ribbon Week &
Teacher Appreciation Week

In October, the students participate in Red Ribbon Week, in which the PTA works to increase drug awareness. In the spring, Teacher Appreciation Week engages students, their parents, and their teachers in a unique way. Special activities during these weeks are funded by the PTA.

School Assemblies

​The PTA provides at least three school assemblies a year highlighting a variety of educational topics including traditional school subjects, the performing arts, or character building workshops. Some of our past assemblies have featured the BMX Bike Anti-Drug Program, Bubbleman (Science), Music group (Music).

After School Theatre Program

​Twice a year, the PTA funds an after school theatre program for interested children. The fall session is a two week intensive while the spring session spans six weeks. Past companies who have participated include Missoula Children's Theatre and Megill & Company. Past shows include Sleeping Beauty, Rumplestiltskin, Alice in Wonderland, and Aladdin.

Supplementary Classroom Materials

​The PTA normally funds supplementary classroom materials on a yearly basis, as requested by the Principal. During the 2017-18 school year, the PTA is funding the Scholastic News subscription and Math Space Intervention software for usage in the classroom.

Other Programs

Family Dinner Nights, Summer Workbooks, Halloween Candy Collection, Holiday Store, and TB Tests & Fingerprinting for Classroom Volunteers are among the other services provided by the PTA. Do you have an idea for something else can do? Let us know!

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